June 7, 2023

This sweet ginger boy is the world’s first bionic kitty! 😸🤖

Technology saved his life to continue living happily. Sending prayers hug and kiss🤗🙏🙏🙏💋

A po.or orange cat in Siberia was a.ban.do.ned by his [ow.ners and lo.st] all four paws to [fros.tbite].
Luckily for Ryzhik, his new owners didn’t give up on him!

When his new owners took him to the vet with [fros.tbite], Ryzhik was in ba.d shape; [gan.grene] had set in to all four limbs.
The vet had no choice but to [ampu.tate] them.

But Ryzhik’s story didn’t end there… His new owner decided he was going to do everything in his power to help Rhyzik walk again, so he took Rhyzik to a clinic in Novosibirsk that specialized in artifical limbs.
Using computer tomography and 3D modeling, the clinic outfitted Rhyzik with four artificial paws.

Surgeon Sergey Gorshkov said that Ryzhik is definitely the first cat in the world who experienced such [su.rge.ries].
Rhyzik is the world’s first bionic kitty!

Dr. Gorshkov explained that Rhyzik’s new titanium limbs were attached to the bones. The part of the titanium limb connected to skin and bone is spongy, allowing the tissue to grow around it.
It’s Rhyzik’s way of showing that he’s comfortable with the new paws.

Rhyzik will acclimate to his new limbs and become steadier on his bionic feet.
The clinic continues to pioneer new and innovative methods to give a fighting chance to the animals who need it the most!

So glad you can walk with your new paws❤️ What a sweet face.

That’s awesome hope he finds a loving home he is beautiful and brave!

Thank u to the rescuers who rescued this gorgeous cat and making him new limbs 🙏🙏🙏♥️

Send love and hugs!!

That is amazing, wishing him a long and happy life…!

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