June 7, 2023

How could anyone hurt him? Just a gentle sweet creature that meant no harm to anyone.

A call came to Hope For Paws about a poor stray cat, who’d been lying on the ground as she was not able to move!

The cat’s situation was so bad as she needed an immediate attention and care to be healthy again. No one can bear the pain he was in!

Thankfully, JoAnn Wiltz arrived at the scene, and took the poor cat to treat him.

Miraculously, the cat, who was in pain, made a great recovery as he became completely healed with the care and love of Hope For Paws.

Thank you to Hope for Paws for helping him! He’s a beautiful cat! 🙏❤️😺 God bless all the people that rescued and saved this poor cat!

He is now ready for adoption. What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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