February 3, 2023

Animal rescuers are a special kind of people. They put the welfare of animals in need first and foremost. Viktor Larkhill is known for his big heart and unique rescues. He prides himself on never turning an animal away. We are so honored to bring you this story of a resilient dog who needed a second chance. This is Betsy’s story.

Betsy’s callous owner only wanted one thing from her and that was for her to fight. But that was not in her nature. She was gentle and loving. So instead, she was used as a bait dog. By the time she was rescued, her injuries were so severe, that the medical team was unsure if she’d make it. She needed extensive treatment and because she had so many wounds, infection was their greatest fear.

Through her pain, Betsy still hung on. She wanted to live. And that in itself was a miracle. Despite being used and abused, she wanted to live and to thrive. Maybe she knew it was possible to have a good life. Dogs are quite intuitive.

Boy believed he could hug fighting pit bull and family all held their breath

The brave dog required months of treatment and eight surgeries. She faced every day like the warrior she is. Just as the video says, Betsy never lost hope. And as she began to heal, she also opened her heart to humans. In the past, people were cruel but now she saw that the new people around her were nothing like the monsters from her past. Her heart was opening and that would eventually lead her to a better life.

Boy believed he could hug fighting pit bull and family all held their breath

Everyone who met Betsy was amazed by her courage. She touched so many lives by her grace and her ability to forgive. Then, once she was medically cleared, a family came forward wanting to adopt Betsy. They offered her a beautiful life with a doggy sibling and a wonderful yard she could play in.

Her new family takes her on amazing adventures. There’s a stream nearby and she loves to paw at the fish. Her new best friends are her human brothers and they LOVE to hang out with her and give her all the love she could ever want. Her tail wags say it all!

Boy Believed He Could Embrace "Fighting Pit Bull", And Family Held Their  Breath – TodayHeadline

The monsters from her past only wanted her to fight, but Betsy wanted to love. She knew that was her purpose and now she can give her family as much love as she wants.

Betsy’s story is proof that despite a painful past full of violence, it is possible to overcome and still be a wonderful family pet. Pit Bulls face more discrimination than any other dog breed. They are sadly the most prevalent in shelters because of their reputation.

Boy believed he could hug fighting pit bull and family all held their breath

Betsy isn’t the only Pit Bull that has overcome her past and has made a wonderful family member. Please share her story and the video posted below. Let’s do our part to help dogs like Betsy find families to love them.

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