June 7, 2023

She was finally free. 🙏💖

At 73 years old, Sook-Jai the elephant teared up after being rescued from 50 years.

During her life in ca.pti.vity, she was passed around to different owners for various jobs. The elephant had been forced to work in tourist trekking and street begging, but her health started to de.ter.iorate as she got older. She became bl.ind and lo.st most of her hearing.

Fortunately, the good people at Elephant Nature Park learned of Sook Jai’s situation and stepped in to give her a new home at their sanctuary.
The rescue center (Which is connected to the Save Elephant Foundation) is located in Thailand. Sook Jai would finally have all the beautiful days she deserved.

Once everything was in okey, a group of people traveled to pick up Sook Jai. They were prepared to make a 20-hour journey back to the sanctuary.
During the long ride, the rescuers worked to help care for SookJai and keep her comfortable. They were like her angels on earth.

Elephant Cries After Being Rescued From 50 Years Of Mistreatment

At one point during the journey, an emotional moment was captured on film. Sook Jai began to cr.y.
In the video bellow, the elephant can be seen with actual tears rolling down her face.
No wonder she was cr.ying.

Elephant Cries After Being Rescued From 50 Years Of Mistreatment

It’s a sight that’s pulling on hea.rtstrings.

Sook Jai was finally in her loving forever home.
Although the bl.ind elephant can’t actually see her new home – she soon discovers what a life of peace is all about.
Hope she has a good life from now on. 🙏♥💖

Her life will be without any restraints as she deserves.

Raju the elephant sheds tears of joy after being rescued from decades of  captivity | CTV News

So s.ad 💖God Bless you 🐘🙏❤🙏♥💖
Bless her, Pleased now she can spend the rest of her life free and happy 🐘🙂💖❤😘

She will be happy!!!.💕

Watch the heartwarming moment in video below:

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